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Accounting and Related Clerks

Accounting and related clerks calculate, prepare and process bills, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, budgets and other routine financial records according to established procedures.

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Administrative Clerks

Administrative clerks compile, verify, record and process forms and documents, such as applications, licences, permits, contracts, registrations and requisitions, in accordance with established procedures, guidelines and schedules.

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Automotive Mechanical Installers and Servicers

Automotive mechanical installers and servicers install replacement automotive parts, such as mufflers, exhaust pipes, shock absorbers, springs and radiators. They perform routine maintenance service, such as oil changes, lubrication and tire repairs on automobiles, trucks and heavy equipment.

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Automotive Painters

Automotive painters prepare body surfaces on motor vehicles, and apply paint and other coatings.

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Automotive Partspersons

Automotive partspersons perform ordering, warehousing, inventory control and parts sales. Their duties also include identifying parts and equipment, searching for parts, shipping and receiving parts, providing customer service and advice and maintaining records.

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Automotive Service Technicians

Automotive service technicians inspect, diagnose, repair and service mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and components of cars and light trucks.

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