Why are they important?   Essential Skills are career building blocks. They provide the foundation for learning technical skills and working safely.

People with strong Essential Skills are:

  • More employable.
    They find work 29 weeks faster than people with poor Essential Skills.
  • Wealthier.
    They earn more money. In Canada, about 28 percent of what we earn is directly related to our level of Essential Skills. Nothing else - not even education and experience - contributes as much to income.
  • More productive.
    They make fewer mistakes and better decisions.
  • Safer.
    They are less likely to injure themselves or others on the job.
  • Fast learners.
    They learn technical skills for work, like how to operate equipment, faster.
  • Better at adapting to change.
    They apply what they've learned in the past to new situations and need less retraining.
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