Assess your skills   How do your Essential Skills measure up? Find out with free online assessments.

For each occupation, there are three online assessments - one for reading, document use and numeracy (math). Take one, two or all three. The choice is yours.

Questions are multiple-choice and are based on real-life situations and documents you would normally find at work. Work at your own pace. The reading and document use assessments usually take about 30 minutes each. The math assessment may take an hour. You can retake the assessments as often as you like.

As soon as you complete an assessment, you receive a personalized results report. It lists in detail the Essential Skills you already have for the occupation you chose and which ones you may need to build.

There are many things that can influence a person's assessment results including test environment, distractions, etc. Therefore, these assessment results should not be the only factor you consider when making important decisions about your career.

Click here to see a sample results report for a numeracy assessment.


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