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Oil and Gas Well Drilling Workers and Service Operators

Oil and gas well drilling workers and service operators operate drilling and service-rig machinery as intermediate members of the rig crew. Oil and gas well services operators drive trucks and operate specialized hydraulic pumping systems to place cement in wells or to treat wells with chemicals, sand mixtures or gases to stimulate production.

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Other Occupations in Travel, Accommodation, Amusement and Recreation

This group includes: 1) Amusement occupations, such as operators of amusement rides, games and other attractions, and attendants in amusement, recreation and sports facilities who assist patrons, collect tickets and fees and supervise the use of recreational and sports equipment. 2) Workers who carry hotel guests' luggage and escort guests to their rooms, carry travellers' luggage at airports, in railway stations and aboard ships and clean and maintain public areas and passengers' rooms aboard ships and trains.

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